Hobby is a simplest solution to most of our problems, a time tested and proven method.

Have a HOBBY! Yes, take up a hobby and you will see yourself change.

Hobby – A hobby is not something you have to do, but rather something you WANT and LOVE to do.

We should all have hobbies, not because we don’t want to sit around all day long doing nothing, but because we want to have fun and be creative.

Hobbies can help us de-STRESS, express our creativity, discover our talents and improve skills, all while having fun.

Hobbies can provide hours of entertainment!

While many hobbies can be simple, some can be expensive, so be sure you choose the best suited hobby for yourself.

List of hobbies:- Gardening , Cooking, Cleaning, Reading, Dreaming, Eating, Scrapbooking, Dancing, Singing, Collecting items, Learning, Teaching etc…